*June 2013: photography, shows, programming

I'm slowly working on a new version of the site. I've recently photographed the lovely Keiner Mag Faustmann on the set of their new music video, meaning that my photography portfolio deserves a good update, too.. I'm also coaching a couple of programming workshops (!!) this summer so busy times ahead! The next crafts market I'll be showing and selling a couple of things at will be on June 15th at the French Institute in Vienna, come around for a chat!

*March 2013: new job

It's scary and frustrating and lovely; but also means that I have less time for the studio. December brought me my very first crafts market and it seems like the idea of constellation jewellery pleases a lot of people. I've dropped the porcelain plate tests for now to finish off a couple of projects..

*January 2013: happy new year

I can hardly believe it's 2013. I'm working on the very last details for my very first 12" album cover! It's so exciting.

*October 2012: back in the studio

Waves Festival has come and gone, I showed off my new business cards and met people. Slowly getting back into the swing of things, working (again) on porcelain plates to print on, trying to get them as thin as possible. It's hard! They break! I'm also starting in on a new series for a possible showcase next summer. I've got a few ideas jotted down and my mind is pretty clear on what I want to do, I'm just not quite sure how well it's going to work. Statistics project also hopefully coming to an end soon, with a book to be published shortly after. Ha. Printed stuff is great!

*September 2012: war and peace

I did a lovely-looking booklet for stefan galler who is now on tour in england & very proud of how we managed to finish everything on time for the single release.. photos of the booklet will be online soon. so much work to photograph lately and it seems I'm not really getting around to it!

*May 2012: user interface design

The world is now wondering why on Earth that would have anything to do with me. But it does!
I'm learning a lot, mainly about questioning how things function and whether they function right and thinking about problem-solving. Of course I'm still obsessed with ceramics and I'm also one year older (bummer!). Another current project includes working on a booklet and artwork for a great Vienna-based musician, more news on that soon... xoxo

*March 2012: ceramics

Busy days!
I've been spending a lot of time in the ceramic studio working on a couple of projects I had in mind. Being still a beginner in the field I was curious to see whether the following things would work: a) working with relief, taking as an example the Joy Division Unknown Pleasures cover and creating a three-dimensional effect and b) etching and stamping, something that would come in quite handy when transferring text onto a piece and wanting to give it some structure. You can see the (half-finished) results in the brand new work in progress section. xoxo

*January 2012: new home

Yes! it was long overdue. hello new website!
I felt I needed to remove a lot of the clutter; 2012 needed more legible text, fewer work and a better way of displaying it. All the photos shown (at random) on the index page were taken between 2004 and 2011, in a bunch of different places (Argentina, Norway, Austria, Finland, Italy). I tried to make this as easy on the eye and simple as possible, it's even (halfway) IE6-friendly. You'll find it looks/works best if you happen to be a pretty font-love monkey & have the likes of Calluna Sans and Minion Pro installed on your lovely machine. Feel free to drop me a line if you find any mistakes, my eagle eye might have missed some! xoxo